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I have been in a committed relationship with Performance for nearly five years. I take Performance by the hand and we begin an intricate dance with time. Together we step in and out of time as we attempt to untangle our reality. Video is my second partner and allows me to preserve a moment beyond its origin and manipulate it farther than reality. Video, Performance, and I work together to give rhythm and reason to body and time. 


This dance becomes ritual, as we give life to enigmatic actions. Through simple gestures such returning a sea shell to the beach or sewing a lime and lemon together, Performance, Video and I search for meaning. Through total commitment and dedication to the task a hand, regardless of fruitlessness, the seemingly senseless becomes the only logical answer. 


My work is often domestic in nature, featuring materials such as bed sheets, ironing boards, and furniture. There is also softness present in my work, from the materials such as a braided fabric rope to the often gentle gestures in my performances. This softness is challenged with struggle whether that be against the elements, the object I am performing with or struggling against my own body. 


As a performer who is physically present in their work, it is difficult to separate the ‘self’ from the ‘art’ at times. This has sparked my interest in persona as a form of exploration. My performance persona is very much not me, while still simultaneously being me. I question our collective motivations, do we want the same things? Share the same dreams? My performance persona is stoic in nature; her eyes appear vacant, as she stares blankly ahead. Despite this apparent emptiness, she has longing. I think this is where we become one, longing for somewhere else, whether that be a physical or mental space. 




Casey Wolhar is a performance artist that utilizes video, sculpture, and found materials to create work that embraces the poetic nature of movement. She defines her use of movement with the word gesture, a way to encompass both the physical and poetic nature of her performances. Wolhar finished her degree in studio art and communications, summa cum laude at Washington College in 2020. She is currently pursuing her MFA from University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the Time-Based Art program. 

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