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Unmovable Forces

Senior Capstone Experience 



In times of uncertainty, it is not unusual to hold onto what is familiar and attempt to stop fate by standing firmly in place. Can you change the unchangeable? Is there valor in the act of trying despite the inevitable? These unanswerable questions are what I try to answer in my video performance work, Unmovable Forces.


Unmovable Forces utilizes screen as site to create a performance work that attempts to move the unmovable and change the inevitable. In this work, I use an elastic band to try and persuade the law of the universe to make an exception for me. I work with and against myself, in exterior and interior spaces. This gesture applied to these forces has a dual physical and poetic nature, where physical can transform into emotional labor.


Our everyday lives are in a state of upheaval. Unmovable Forces asks you to firmly hold on when you can and let go when the time is right.

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